Warranties & Returns

1337 PCs come with a Lifetime Warranty and Support Coverage

If a part fails, we’ve got you covered.  Have peace of mind about your 1337 PC with our lifetime warranty and technical support coverage.

1337 PCs Warranty and Returns Policy:

1337 PCs provides to customers a Limited Lifetime Support Policy (the “Lifetime Support Policy”) on all new computers purchased from 1337 PCs.  This Lifetime Support Policy provides free support (i.e., labor and technical support) for purchasers of new computer systems from 1337 PCs for the lifetime of the computer.  This Lifetime Support Policy covers only the original purchaser of the computer, the original equipment purchased, and any upgrades installed by 1337 PCs technicians.

In addition to the Lifetime Support Policy, 1337 PCs offers the following warranty for the hardware of new computer systems:

All new computer systems include a Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty (the “Lifetime Warranty”), which covers the original “computer build.”  The “Computer Build” is defined as the components within the computer case.  The Computer Build excludes any speciality items specifically requested by the original purchases, with these speciality items warranted to the length of the original manufacturer’s warranty for these items.  Due to the continual evolution of computer technology and components, certain items and components can become unavailable.  Within the Lifetime Warranty, 1337 PCs will repair or replace any defective computer or part at its discretion with new, used, refurbished, recertified, or equivalent parts.  If a desktop computer or component is no longer widely available or attainable, 1337 PCs may elect not to repair the computer and instead issue a store credit for the present market value of the computer.

The Lifetime Support Policy and Lifetime Warranty are limited as follows:

  1. 1337 PCs warrants to the original customer that the hardware will be free of defects in assembly and materials for the period beginning from the date of delivery to the customer.  During the warranty 1337 PCs will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, the defective hardware, for covered defects, free of charge for labor and/or parts.  Parts may not be identical but will be comparable in performance.  If the hardware is defective within the first 30 days, 1337 PCs will cover all shipping costs within the continental United States or Canada.

  2. After this 30 day period, customers will pay for shipping for defective parts or builds back to 1337 PCs, and 1337 PCs will pay for return shipping back to the customer for up to one year after the initial purchase date.  One year after the purchase date, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs to and from 1337 PCs.

  3. Products sent in for authorized service or exchange must be shipped in the original packaging - if this packaging is unavailable, please consult a 1337 PCs service representative for packaging details.  If original packaging is not retained, the customer is responsible for obtaining adequately protective packaging.

  4. Repairs, upgrades, hardware modifications, or new components conducted or installed by anyone other than a 1337 PCs technician are not covered by and void this Warranty immediately on all systems.

  5. Physical damage, lack of maintenance, misuse of product, improper storage, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, power fluctuations or surges, lightning, or damage incurred during shipping are not covered by this Warranty.

  6. Any recertified, refurbished, or used equipment is sold without warranty, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase.

  7. Software issues or bugs are not covered by the Warranty, but may be covered by the warranty of the software publisher - refer to the specific publisher’s terms of service for details.

  8. Missing items must be reported within 48 hours of customer receipt of their order.

  9. There are no additional coverages or warranties, implied or expressed which are not within these terms.

  10. It is imperative for customers to backup any and all data and/or software on their 1337 PC at all times.  1337 PCs is not responsible for data or software loss, nor loss of time or money as a result of data loss.  Inadvertent compromise of data, loss of data, or data damage is not the fault of 1337 PCs.  Customers are responsible for the backup of all data prior to delivery of the computer for service.  It should be the expectation of the customer that any data on the computer during service may be lost.  Further, the customer warrants that there is no illegal data or software content on any computer sent to 1337 PCs for a warranty service.

  11. Any computers left unclaimed for more than 30 days become the property of 1337 PCs.

  12. Liquid cooling/water cooling, or custom built computers containing non-standard hardware configurations are covered for 1 year only and are not included in the Lifetime Warranty.

  13. Per customer request, some systems may be overclocked, tuned, or “de-lidded” to improve performance.  While these services are provided by 1337 PCs.  De-lidded processors are not covered by this Warranty.  Overclocked computers are covered by this Warranty for 1 year only.

  14. 1337 PCs will do our best to expedite the replacement or repair process.  However, processing time can vary between component/part manufacturers, and manufacturing or shipping delays can affect our ability to obtain replacement parts.

To receive service under the Warranty, email support@1337PCs.com.  Please include your order number in the email and describe the nature of the issue.  Our team will then take the steps to diagnose your problem via video chat and may request remote access to your computer for diagnostic purposes.  If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, 1337 PCs will decide the next course of action to complete the repair or Warranty.  If a return is needed, customers must only return the items as instructed by our team.  Do not ship any computers, parts, or components without authorization by a 1337 PCs representative.  Products returned without authorization may be held without repair and returned to the customer upon receipt of payment for return shipping costs.  1337 PCs is not responsible for any damage incurred by repairs conducted by non 1337 PCs personnel, and it is required that customers do not undertake upgrades or repairs themselves or via third parties.  Any repairs or upgrades conducted by persons other than 1337 PCs will make this Warranty null and void.  The Warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by:  physical damage, lack of maintenance, misuse of product, improper storage, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, power fluctuations or surges, lightning, or damage incurred during shipping.  1337 PCs does use invoice numbers and serial numbers of components to ensure products were not switched or replaced, and will void all Warranties if such an event has been found to occur.  1337 PCs will replace defective parts with the same or comparable parts at no cost.

If you have been instructed to return your computer for repairs, do not ship any accessories or peripherals with the system.  1337 PCs is not responsible for any lost accessories, power cables, or adapters sent with a computer.

In the event that no defect or replacements are required under Warranty, it is at 1337 PCs discretion to charge a test fee and return the non-defective product when the Customer pays the test fees plus return shipping fees.  If such fees are not paid within 30 days, the product will be salvaged or disposed of.

Customers certify that they waive in advance, any cause of action, rights, or claims against in 1337 PCs related to the loss, disclosure, corruption, or dissemination of the customer’s data, software, and any files related to the performance of a Warranty service.  Customers agree that any claim or cause of action against 1337 PCs including but not limited to those in contract or tort, shall be limited to the amount the customer paid for a computer system at issue or $1,000.00, whichever is greater.

1337 PCs may waive any of the above limitations and at its sole discretion elect to return funds to a customer on a case by case basis.  Any funds returned after a purchase is in no way an admission of liability or wrong-doing, nor cause for action against 1337 PCs.  In the event a customer is offered a refund, the clauses within this Warranty policy remain in full effect, and the customer waives all rights, claims, and causes of action in excess of the actual funds paid and returned by 1337 PCs.

All sales are final and as is.  All merchandise, custom build, or repair deposits are non-refundable.  All returns are at the sole discretion of 1337 PCs, and must occur within 30 days of purchase.  Returns will be charged a restocking fee equal to 20% of the purchase price, regardless of whether the refund is requested before or after shipment of the computer.  Any returns after 30 days will be charged a restocking fee of 20%, plus a $50 a day rental fee for additional days past the 30 day window.  Activated software products cannot be accepted for refunds or credits.  

Customers have 48 hours to cancel an order after purchase. After 48 hours, all cancellations will incur a 10% restocking fee.  Most 1337 PCs are built to order (excluding “ready to ship” models), as such, our technicians must acquire components for most builds at the time of purchase from our suppliers.

The customers agree that any dispute against this agreement will be submitted to binding arbitration to be conducted only and exclusively in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Customers waive the right to pursue any legal action or remedy in any city, county, state, or federal court of law.  The laws of the state of Nevada will govern the interpretation, validity, performance, and enforcement of this agreement.  If any provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.