Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping and lead times?

Lead and shipping times vary based on payment method, and as all 1337 PCs are built to order, completing your build can depend on whether or not your specific chosen components are currently in stock.  In some cases, PCs will ship same or next day if all components are available.  All PCs undergo a quality assurance check by our team before shipment. 

On average, build times are currently 10 business days, however delays can happen.

For an estimate of shipping time to your specific area, please see this map.

Will you ship internationally?  What about additional taxes and fees?

Yes will will ship internationally.  International customers (those outside the US & Canada) are responsible for all duties and taxes associated with shipping products to your home country from the United States. 1337 PCs accurately reports the price and contents of each package we ship internationally.

Can I finance a 1337 PC?

Yes, 1337 offers financing via Klarna.  Click here to learn more

Can you upgrade my 1337 PC in the future?

We offer free upgrade services for the life of your PC. If you ship your PC to our shop we will install individual components for you. This excludes PCs that contain custom open water loops and complete platform upgrades (motherboard replacement). 

Do you charge sales tax?

We are only required to charge sales tax (8.325%) to our Nevada customers and those who choose to pick their PC up in person at our Las Vegas shop.

How does 1337 maintain quality control?

We extensively test every system we build to detect any issues or defective components before shipping.  In the rare event that something is wrong with your PC upon arrival, please contact us immediately to remedy the issue.


I am not seeing a signal on my monitor, help!

Please make sure to check all cables and connections. Ensure that your video cable is plugged in to the video card and not the motherboard. Make sure your monitor is set to the proper input. If these methods don't work shut down the PC and unplug it for 10 minutes and try again. If you are still having issues, please contact us via our email form.


I am not hearing sound, from my speakers or headphones, please help!

First, confirm that you are plugged into the proper speaker output. Make sure you have selected the correct output in Windows and that it is not muted.  Please ensure that your speakers are not powered off.